Victoria Brodsky

My name is Victoria Brodsky, and I’ve been tattooing since 2019. I learned most of what I know from my “polished in the craft” mentor, Glenn Collins; owner of Broken Lantern Tattoo Studio.
I try not to put myself in a box with my tattooing, not only to learn as much as possible, but to also be able to form pieces to everyone’s individual style. However, given artistic freedom is something I really enjoy. I have studied lots of different forms of art, such as American Traditional, Japanese, and Illustrative/Neo Traditional. Everything from floral to animals, skulls to eagles, I love creating something new and personal for each and every one of you. 
When I’m not tattooing, I strive to perfect my art by drawing or painting. I’ve created lots of flash paintings over my years in this craft, and I’d love to put these on you forever! It’s truly humbling to be in this line of work. I appreciate every moment of it and I’m so excited to meet you, consult with you, and create with you.

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